Hilary Term 2015 Training Update (and other things!)

We are delighted to announce that next term’s training session will be held on Wednesday 18 February, from 4.30-6.30pm, kindly hosted once again by my fabulous co-coordinator Foteini Dimirouli at Somerville College. Save the date! Booking will open in the New Year.

The programme will include an introduction to the UK education sector and Oxford undergraduate admissions (for our beginners) and for our improvers,  a research-informed look at what motivates students to make their Higher Education decisions.

As I introduced our Office for Fair Access agreement at this term’s training session, we discussed the impact of fee waivers or bursaries vs. outreach activity and we look forward to exploring next term the most effective ways to break down barriers for underrepresented groups to enter Higher Education. We will be joined by an expert in the field, the Head of Widening Participation at KCL, Anne-Marie Canning, who will lead us through this important set of issues and some recent published research on these questions.

We will also hear from the Brilliant Club on their programme of working with researchers and schools.

In terms of other things going on in 8th week, I will be at the TORCH Humanities Postdoc Lunch from 1-2pm on Tuesday 2 December (at the Humanities Division Building on Woodstock Road) chatting about the network, so do come along and share your experiences and help to spread the word about the value of public engagement and schools outreach 🙂

Finally, good luck to all network members involved in undergraduate admissions interviewing in the next few weeks. For anyone balancing academic, administrative and admissions commitments (myself included!), it has certainly been a hectic time. My personal highlight was getting to train some of our thoughtful and wonderfully engaged new admissions interviewers with the Oxford Learning Institute last week.

Keep in touch as always; I need guest bloggers to post about their outreach experience, so if you have an event coming up that you would like to blog about, please contact me:


Eleanor (Network Co-Coordinator)


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