The Oxford Early Career Academic Outreach Network was founded in 2013 by Dr James Castell & Dr Eleanor Parker, two former University of Oxford fixed-term early career academics who were managing portfolio careers that included professional outreach work. The Network is currently run by Katherine Fender, Jessica Boland, and Sarah Jones.

The network aims to connect early career academics (D.Phil. students, postdocs or fixed-term lecturers) with opportunities to do outreach in Oxford and further afield, as well as to provide them with appropriate training opportunities and recognition for their work at an institutional level. This network is intended to complement current training provision elsewhere within the collegiate University.

If you are an early career academic at the University of Oxford, sign up now to our database to receive information about our training and schools outreach opportunities: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mJYUjl43q3bSMUfWJRMyZU_bF34ztuzjSaGyzMA9cvw/viewform

Please engage with us via our Facebook, Twitter and WordPress accounts.



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