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The Network Coordinators at the University of Oxford are:

Lead Coordinator: Katherine Fender, Stipendiary Lecturer in English and Assistant Access and Outreach Officer

Jessica Boland, Post-doctoral researcher in Physics


Jessica Boland, Network Co-Coordinator

Jessica is currently a post-doctoral researcher in Condensed Matter Physics, having completed here DPhil on ‘Terahertz Spectrscopy of Semiconductor Nanowires for Novel Optoelectronic Applications’ here at the University of Oxford. She previously carried out her undergraduate masters degree in Physics at the University of Exeter, undertaking a  year in industry as an electrooptical engineer at Hewlett Packard Labs in Bristol. She is really enthusiastic about how physics plays a part in our everyday lives and how it can be used to expand today’s technology. Her current research focuses on using spectrosopy to discover new materials for new technological devices, in particular, looking at systems for ultrafast wireless communication! She currently undertakes many outreach projects working with schools in the local area to enthuse young students not only to pursue science further but to continue to stay in education and look at going to university! So she is extremely excited to be part of this outreach network and to get involved!

Sarah Jones, D.Phil candidate in French


Sarah Jones, Network Co-Coordinator

Sarah is a second-year D.Phil student and college lecturer in French at Oriel college. She completed her BA in French and History at King’s College London in 2014, before completing an MA at King’s in French Literature and Culture in the following academic year. Sarah is co-coordinator of the TORCH-funded conference ‘The Doctor-Patient Encounter: Global and Historical Perspectives’, which will take place in March 2017, and seeks to link the humanities with medical practice. She got involved in the Oxford Early Career Academic Outreach Network during her first year at Oxford, and is looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference at local schools and for local children.


Previous Network co-coordinators

Dr Eleanor Parker, Former Student Recruitment Officer and Lecturer in Italianparker

With Jamie Castell, Eleanor founded the Network in 2013. Eleanor was Student Recruitment Officer at the University of Oxford and College Lecturer in Italian at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, she holds a B.A. (Hons) in French and Italian, a Master’s in European Literature and a doctorate on twentieth-century Italian poetry and mourning, a topic on which she has published a number of scholarly articles. She has taught Italian
language and literature to undergraduate students and has been involved in Modern Languages admissions at the University of Oxford since 2007. Before joining Oxford’s student recruitment team in August 2013, Eleanor worked as Schools Liaison & Outreach Officer at St Anne’s College, Oxford and in the enquiries and marketing department of Oxford’s Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach Office, as well as in career and skills development for humanities early career academics. Dr Parker now works at the University of Bath in researcher engagement.


Dr Foteini Dimirouli, Former Access Officer (Somerville College) and Lecturer in Greek and English LiteratureDr Foteini Dimirouli Network Co-Coordinator

Foteini is passionate about education and learning, and about promoting equal opportunity in Higher Education. She worked with schools as an Access and Outreach Officer for Somerville College at the University of Oxford, where she also taught undergraduate students in Modern Greek, English, and American literature. She first got involved in Outreach through the Early Career Academic Outreach Network, when she was writing her thesis in Comparative Literature. She loves discussing ideas with different age groups, and meeting academics keen to take action.

Whether you are inside or outside the University and want to know more about what we do, we would be delighted to hear from you and can be contacted at:









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